Tilapia is seafood with rich nutritive value and high demand. Its high demand offers profitable investing. If tilapia farming is made efficient, it can be started to earn money in a short time. Tilapia farms can make tilapia production 3 times a year.

We offer tilapia farm equipment that provides high capacity in a small area. As RAST Aquaculture, we manage all tilapia growing processes and provide to reach the highest profit level of our customers.



Number One

It is resistant to high temperatures and also can be grown in salty water although it is a freshwater fish.

Number Two

Nutritional properties are both herbivorous and carnivorous, so it has an easy feeding process.

Number Three

Provides high reproduction.

Number Four

Vitamin D and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) content are high.

Number Five

Due to its high protein content, it is very rich in nutritional value.

Number Six

It is beneficial for blood circulation, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems and brain function.

Number Seven

Over long distances, tilapia can be carried alive without wasting.

Number Eight

Especially in large capacity tanks, 99% of the fish can survive.

Number Nine

They reach high maturity in a short time.

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