Salmon is a highly demanded product with a high return on investment. Its annual production is 17.4 million tons and its production is increasing day by day.

We produce and install all the equipment required for salmon aquaculture systems. We make all the adjustments necessary for the healthy growth of salmon and help our customers even after sales.

Thanks to our expert team who have excellent knowledge about oxygen amount, water cleaning frequency, required temperature setting and nutrition amount in salmon production, we deliver salmon farming systems to our customers in a short time and without error.



Number One

Salmon started to replace chicken and beef consumption due to its high nutritional values and its contribution to health.

Number Two

Its deliciousness increases its consumption rate.

Number Three

Salmon, which is very nutritious and healthy especially for people doing sports, contains high amounts of important vitamins and minerals such as omega 3, B12 and iron. These characteristics increase their demand every year.

Number Four

Its deliciousness increases its consumption rate.

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