RAS'T (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Technologies) Aquaculture, with its water recirculation system, supplies equipment for the production of fish without sea or lake environment and performs special fish farming projects.

Fish farming is a method of producing fish in special closed areas instead of catching fish by traditional methods. This method avoids damage from hunting and provides a more sustainable fish production process.

RAS'T (RAS Technologies) Aquaculture as a company has all technical knowledge to ensure that this method is implemented in the most efficient way and realizes appropriate projects of climate characteristics for special fish farming projects.

At present, the annual per capita fish amount is approximate 125 gr. This amount is very small compared to the health benefits of fish. But hunting more fish from the sea or the lake is not a sustainable method, because it harms the ecological balance.

Fish farming method provides growing fish like at its natural environment and keeps its nutritional values ​​the same.


We determine the key properties of fish farming projects by the environment and the capacity. These key properties provide information for the design.


We calculate the tank capacity, amount of water to be used and the area needed for the project. We design the facility area according to the project information.


We manufacture the necessary equipment and install them according to the design. Personnel working inside the facility are trained for accurate performance.

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