As Rast Aquaculture, we produce equipment needed for fish growing and install custom fish farms.

Fishes, which their demand increases day by day cause of nutritious and healthy, provides high profit for investors. With efficiency fish growing, fish can be sold around the world and meet the fish needs of the country.

Fish farming is made with RAS technology or cage system. RAS is to raise fish with water recirculating system outside its natural environment, in fiberglass tanks. Cage system is to raise them in natural environment and a cage.

We also help investors as installing quality fish farms for the purpose of providing to efficiency grow many fish types.

Nursey Tank


  • To be able to install systems of various capacities by considering the capacity required by customers.
  • Correctly adjust the temperature, feed and oxygen requirements by analyzing fish species well.
  • Using quality equipment to ensure the survival of the fish and to increase the efficiency of the system.
  • Producing the highest capacity fish with minimum energy and resource usage.

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